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Low Power RF


  • Home Automation
    Add wireless connectivity to your product. Control home lighting, HVAC, security and energy from a single controller.
  • Smart Energy
    Make any device or appliance Smart Energy compatible. Connect securely to a ZigBee enabled Smart Meter to obtain energy readings, energy price, utility messages and participate in utility energy saving programs.
  • Remote Control - RF4CE
    ZigBee is fast becoming the new standard in remote controls. Inter room communication, command acknowledgement and low power are some of the advantages offered over traditional IR remotes.


Connect to your embedded device with your laptop or smart phone using Bluetooth.

Supported Profiles

  • SPP
  • DUN
  • HID
  • iAP
  • HCI
  • L2CAP
  • SDP


Microchip's MiWi solution is an alternative to ZigBee and provides a simpler implementation of mesh and peer to peer protocols which may be more appropriate for designs where cost and code size are major concerns, and where cross industry compatibility is not a requirement. The MiWi stack is compatible with Microchip's 802.15.4, and 434/868/915 MHz transceivers.