Electronic Design Services

Ideas to reality ...

Here are some examples of products we have designed over the past number of years. We continue to expand the industries we cover, and we always welcome opportunities to apply our knowledge and expertise in new areas.

Smart Energy

  • EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station
  • Portable EV charger (HomePlug interface)
  • Warehouse lighting management system
  • ZigBee/Smart Meter home energy management system
  • Energy Meter

Consumer Products

  • White goods controllers
    Air Conditioner
  • Cable set-top box
  • Water filter monitor
  • Central Vacuum Controller

Security Products

  • Condominium security system
    2000 suite capacity
  • Internet enabled security system
  • LCD Keypad
  • LED Keypad
  • Central Station Receiver
  • CDMA/GSM modem interface
  • Alarm monitoring card

Access Control

  • 4000 Door capacity networked building access control system
  • Wiegand to RS232/RS485 Bridge
  • Keeloq RF garage door controller
  • Elevator access controller
  • Relay card
  • Wiegand card reader


  • Snow plough controller
  • Truck tire pressure monitor
  • Truck auto tire pressure controller
  • Truck axle lift controller
  • Truck brake monitor


  • Fire alarm power supply
    LCD display shows voltage, current and status
    RS485 interface
  • Elevator controller using CAN bus
  • Forklift truck battery charger
  • Optically isolated 4 port RS485 card
  • Water purifier

Bullet Chronometer

  • The bullet chronometer measures the speed of a bullet, or other projectile with a speed range of 30 to 7000 feet per second.
  • An optical sensor is used to measure the speed of a bullet travelling across its path, and the measurement is sent by radio to a remote keypad to allow shooting data to be viewed from a safe distance.
  • The system employs a very low power radio link to ensure long battery life.