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Smart Energy

Make any device or appliance Smart Energy compatible. Connect securely to a ZigBee enabled Smart Meter to obtain energy readings, energy price, utility messages and participate in utility energy saving programs.

On this page you will see some examples of Smart Energy projects we have completed.

Home EMS (Energy Management System)

The EMS acts as a gateway between the Smart Meter and the HAN (Home Area Network). Using ZigBee SEP 1.0 (Smart Energy Profile), the gateway connects securely to a Smart Meter to obtain energy readings, price schedules and utility messages. Home devices such as thermostats, load control switches, lighting, heating and pool pumps can be added to the network and controlled based on user selectable settings for energy price and utility DR (Demand Response) programs.

PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Charging Station

The charging station design is based on Microchip's powerful PIC32 processor and contains both Ethernet and WiFi interfaces. A secure HTTPS server allows the user to monitor and control the charging of the electric vehicle.

  • Utility grade ANSI meter interface
  • Obtains energy price and utility messaging over AMI through meter
  • Optimizes charging cost and works in co-operation with utility to reduce peak demand
  • User selectable manual, price and schedule based charging programs
  • Charging session log and charging status viewable using any web browser
  • Firmware can be upgraded over the Internet

Electric Meter Reader

electric meter
  • Read kWh energy reading from meter.
  • Read and write meter tables as per ANSI C12.18 and C12.19 specification
  • Read and write date and time